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Active at every stage of the global energy flows, we are uniquely diversified by location and activity, creating the maximum value for our business and its diverse stakeholders.

Established in 2003, Cathay Petroleum is an experienced energy company that facilitates global energy flow, sourcing energy for its customers in a reliable and efficient manner. In addition, Cathay provides reliable outlets for its customers who are producers of energy. Over the years, Cathay has steadily grown from a relatively small company to a multi-faceted partner with a global network of long-standing relationships.


Cathay Petroleum’s customers include national oil companies, multinationals and leading industrial companies. Our expertise is the ability to evaluate the specific preferences and requirements of our customers. We have a proven track record to deliver reliable products with consistent quality. Cathay Petroleum delivers supply chain efficiencies that better manage costs and value while at the same time raising the bar on customer service, satisfaction and transparency. Our approach has seen Cathay Petroleum rewarded with loyal customers and continued rapid growth.


Cathay has developed a strong technical expertise, which employs effective management tools that identify and provide optimal solutions for our customers. We are active in all major centres in the industry, allowing our end-users to benefit from critical market knowledge and access to the most appropriate market. We leverage our global presence, logistical capabilities and market intelligence to balance demand and supply, optimise supply chains and service the needs of our customers worldwide.


At Cathay Petroleum, we have a dedicated risk management team that analyses the global oil market overview and trends as well as risks involved such as fundamental factors, market sentiments and technical elements to offer the most adequate and valued proposition to our partners. Our customers can capitalise on our experienced and professional team that offers specialist knowledge with global expertise to enhance their competitive edge and profitability.


Our Company intends to develop and venture into profitable and sustainable businesses. We plan to enhance our portfolio of solutions by further consolidating our positions in the markets we currently operate in while expanding our operations into new market segments and adding new product capabilities.


Today, we are redefining expectations in the industry by delivering ever higher standards of productivity, performance and reliability.